Enneagram knowledge isn't the same thing as Enneagram wisdom...

A strong coach with Enneagram Wisdom... has a a holistic, comprehensive understanding of the Enneagram system & all of the components! They know what pieces of the Enneagram to rely on when helping others who may be mistyping. They understand there's a difference between an Enneagram guru who has memorized a lot of information and a coach who knows real, practical strategies to bring the Enneagram to life for clients! Not only will I teach you everything you need to know about the Enneagram as a whole, I'll also load you up with practical ways to apply it with your future clients!

You might be wondering...

  • Pre-requisites

    You just need to be a human who wants to learn, is willing to invest the time, energy and effort, not to be a good coach, but a GREAT coach, and is willing to do your own personal growth work to ensure you become one of the most competent and confident coaches on the market

  • What's the Program Like?

    Along with 27+ in-depth lessons to get you wildly prepared, you'll be given quizzes throughout to help you practice and retain the information in real-life, practical situations. As you complete them with a 90% pass rate, more lessons will unlock. Level 2 required for those with no previous coaching or counseling experience.

  • After Certification

    Once you sucessfully complete Levels 1 and 2, you will earn a Certificate + a logo to add to your website + advertising to distinguish you as a Certified Enneagram badass... I mean, coach!

Level 1 is for you if you...

  • want to start your own coaching practice and are ready to elevate your Enneagram smarts

  • are a professional (therapist, life coach, health coach, spiritual director, etc.) who want to expand and elevate with this specialization

  • love studying the Enneagram and want to do a personal, in-depth study

Level 1 is NOT for you if...

  • Are seeking an in-depth study of the history of the Enneagram system... while we absolutely see value there, our focus is on making the Enneagram accessible, practical, and applicable for coaches and their clients

  • Want to breeze through a course or want an easy program just to get the credentials

  • Haven't or aren't willing to do your own personal growth work

Check out the course curriculum

    1. Message from Kristi to You

    2. Pre-Course Assessment (just for you to see your progress at the end)

    3. Your Workbook + How to Use It

    4. Level 1 Funwork List

    5. Add-On Coach's Support Program!

    1. Welcome + Your Coaching Legacy

    2. What A Coach Is and Isn't

    3. What's Your "Why"?

    1. Overview of the 7 Pillars

    2. a. Core Qualities

    3. b. Internal + Childhood Messages

    4. c. Wings

    5. d. Centers of Intelligence

    6. e. Arrows

    7. f. Levels of Development

    8. g. Instinctual Variants (Subtypes)

    9. Enneagram System Foundations Quiz

    1. Full Self - Type 1

    2. Type 1 Quiz

    3. Full Self - Type 2

    4. Type 2 Quiz

    5. Full Self - Type 3

    6. Type 3 quiz

    7. Full Self - Type 4

    8. Type 4 Quiz

    9. Full Self - Type 5

    10. Type 5 Quiz

    11. Full Self - Type 6

    12. Type 6 Quiz

    13. Full Self - Type 7

    14. Type 7 Quiz

    15. Full Self - Type 8

    16. Type 8 Quiz

    17. Full Self - Type 9

    18. Type 9 Quiz

    1. Harmonic Triads - Conflict Reaction Style

    2. Hornveian Triad - Stances

    3. Relational Triad - Relational Style

    4. Tritypes

    5. Triads and Tritypes Quiz

    1. Final Assessment

About this course

  • $1,997.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 15 hours of video content

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