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Time and time again, I've seen coaches not be able to retain their clients. Why? A major reason is because while they are Enneagram-informed, they are not skilled in USING that information in a way helps their client experience actual transformation. A strong coach doesn't flex their Enneagram knowledge to how smart they are. A strong coach holds space, asks curious questions that builds self-awareness, identifies underlying themes & narratives, helps clients set attainable goals, knows how to not project or insert their own self into a client's session, and so much more. These are not skills we know naturally - it takes intentional effort to develop them, and I'm going to teach you how to do it!

What to expect...

  • Pre-requisites

    If you want to be certified as an Enneagram University Enneagram Coach, you need to have completed Level 1 before taking Level 2. If you're already certified as a coach elsewhere but know you need help building strong offers and coaching packages OR you need help boosting your skill level so you can retain clients, this is for you too!

  • What's the Program Like?

    You can expect in-depth teaching, role-plays, session examples, a look at the real-life client contracts and packages I use in my own business + extensive training on practical, applicable coaching skills for all types of clients: individuals, couples, group, organizations, etc.

  • After Certification

    After completing Level 1 (with a 90% on your final exam) and completing the Level 2 curriculum, you'll apply for certification, sit through a short chat with me to make sure you're feeling prepared and confident. After that, you'll receive a certificate + a logo to add to your website + advertising to distinguish you as a Certified Enneagram badass... I mean, coach!

Level 2 is for you if you...

  • have completed Level 1 and are ready to move from Enneagram smarts to Enneagram COACH!

  • are seeking practical, tangible, and applicable coaching skills so you don't finally get a client only to realize you have no idea how to really help them achieve their goals (whether it be a 1-1 client, a couple, organization, or team)

  • want to stand out from others as highly qualified while feeling wildly confident about your skill level instead of self-doubting yourself as a coach

  • know you need helping build coaching offers + packages that are irresistible to your ideal clients

  • are a certified coach elsewhere but are struggling to help clients make change and/or retain clients altogether

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Level 2

    2. Level 2 Workbook

    3. Level 2 Funwork List

    4. Add-On Coach's Support Program!

    1. Client Scheduling Tools

    2. Payment Processing Tools

    3. Building Your Client Agreement

    4. Note Taking

    5. Pre + Post Session

    6. Invoicing and Revenue Tracking

    1. Introduction

    2. Consults That Land Clients

    3. Typing Sessions

    4. Building Coaching Packages + Offers

    5. Building Individual + Couples Sessions

    6. Building Groups + Workshops

    7. Pricing Your Offers

    1. Intro to Coaching Skills

    2. Skills for Individual Sessions

    3. Skills for Couples Sessions

    4. Skills for Groups + Workshops

    1. Practicum Explanation + Instructions

    2. 8-Week Group Coaching Experience

    3. Client Permission Form to PRINT

    4. Coaching Session: Feedback Form to PRINT

    5. Coaching Session: Peer Review UPLOAD

    6. Coaching Session: Instructor Review UPLOAD

    1. Application for Certification

About this course

  • $1,997.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

So what is the 3-part practicum?

  • 8-Week Group Process Experience

    Brace yourself because this continues to be one of the highest rated experiences in the entire EU program. We have a rule at EU: We never ask our clients to do work that we haven't. Therefore, this experience allows you to be the client as EU’s professor Vanessa Fernandez leads you through opportunities to do your own self-reflection and growth work as it relates to your coaching work. The 3 primary intentions of this experience include: 1. Get to see what a coach looks like in real time. 2. Have a safe space to practice your own skills you’re learning about throughout the program. 3. Build community and camaraderie with other students who are passionately learning about the same things you are. This group happens 2-3x a year, and you can take it at any point during your program! (And it's no additional cost - it's part of your enrollment!)

  • Peer Reviewed Session

    During your EU experience, you will record yourself coaching two clients. One of them will be reviewed by a fellow student or an already certified Coach in the EU community - whoever you feel connected with or whose feedback you'd value. You'll fill out a feedback form on what you feel you did exceptionally well, and some areas you may want to grow in. If you're already cringingly uncomfortable - just know... 90% of students are uncomfortable with this until they do it. It feels vulnerable and scary, but let me assure you, your peers have been there, done that, and they have your back. They will affirm you, point out your skills, and offer some ideas to consider moving forward. I promise it's less scary than it sounds - students tell me this all of the time.

  • Professor Reviewed Session

    Similarly to the Peer Review, you will upload a video for one of our professors to review. You'll fill out a feedback form on what you feel you did exceptionally well, and some areas you may want to grow in, and so will your professor. We will challenge you - because we want you to be excellent and to feel confidence in your preparedness. We will also cheer you on, celebrate you, and point out all of the amazing things you're more skilled at than you even realize.

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Pricing options

Monthly payments more doable for you? No biggie! You’ll still get immediate access, even if you space out payments.

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