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Not sure if you have what it takes? Spoiler... you do. But it also helps to have some direction from people who have been-there, doing-that for years.

Turn Your Passion into Profit!

We get it... the Enneagram transformed your life and relationships, and now you're wondering... "Could I actually make a business out of this? Could I actually have real clients and help them experience powerful transformation like I had?" The answer is a resounding YES! You're in the right place if you want to: 1. finally have a fulfilling career! 2. help others heal, grow, and develop into their greatest potential! 3. make serious profits!
  • Who's it for?

    If you want to turn your Enneagram passion into a fulfilling career, helping clients break cycles, find healing, and have incredible relationships, this is for you! Mental health professional? Executive leader? It's about time you stand out with a specialty + expertise, wouldn't ya' say?

  • What is the program like?

    We offer three levels of training: Enneagram Wisdom, Coaching Skills, and Business Building Skills - you choose which makes most sense for your goals. Each course is jam-packed with valuable teaching, interactive workbooks, and seriously practical ways to apply what you're learning!

  • Get certified!

    Complete Levels 1 & 2 of the program successfully, complete your 3-part practicum, schedule a final interview and ta-da! You'll be certified Enneagram Coach by the Enneagram University, ready to take on the clients, teams, and organizations you dream of! You just got a little fancier.

Wondering if becoming an Enneagram Coach is for you?

It totally is if you...

  • Love the Enneagram and want to help people experience the transformation you have!

  • Are unhappy in your current work and want a job that is actually fulfilling

  • Want to have an outlet for your passion - to finally do what you want vs what you "should"

  • Crave work with a flexible schedule and great pay off for your family

  • If you're a therapist, leader, supervisor, spiritual leader, or educator, not only will an Enneagram coaching certification elevate your performance, you'll undoubtedly stand out by adding "Enneagram expert" to your resume!

Welcome to EU!

What Makes EU Different + How to Find All the Answers You Need on the EU Website!

Our Approach

Because being trained by a program with aligned values changes everything

  • Human-Centered

    We have a saying - "We love all the humans." And it's true. We celebrate diversity, actively advocate for the inclusion of all people, and train our coaches to dive beyond the Enneagram type to truly see the layers of culture, birth order, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. + how they play a role in our type's expression.

  • Grounded in Mental Health

    Three of our professors have master's degrees in mental health counseling, and it drives our approach to be holistic and 3-centered (head, heart, and body). You'll find threads of neuroscience, therapeutic skills for 1-1 + couples work, and nervous system regulation throughout your EU experience.

  • Practicality at 100%

    Enneagram University continues to be recognized as the top training program when it comes to practical application of the Enneagram, as well as, how to tangibly integrate a certification into work you're already doing (like for therapists, supervisors, educators) or to launch a brand new, successful coaching business.

How EU's certification program stands out...

The only program on the market that offers these 3 crucial components

  • Enneagram Wisdom

    We believe that a strong coach doesn't just have information memorized about all nine types so they can regurgitate it and sound real smart. We believe in helping our coaches get a deep understanding of the Enneagram system, how each piece of the tool work together, what transformation truly looks like for each of the nine types and REAL, PRACTICAL ways to apply the information!

  • Coaching Skills

    Let me say it bluntly... if you know every fact there is to know about the Enneagram but you don't understand how to help your clients utilize it in a way that is transformative... it's pointless! We believe in preparing our coaches with the real skills it takes to hold space, to attune to your clients, to see themes, challenge underlying narratives, and support them in truly transformative ways. We also know you'll need helping formulating your offers and coaching packages in a way that makes them totally irresistible for your future clients! We'll teach you how to do it all.

  • Business Building

    Newsflash: clients don't fall out of the sky and into our laps! Enneagram University is the only Enneagram coaching certification program on the market that offers a component on all the behind-the-scenes things you need to know to get your business thriving! They may not be sexy things, but they're necessary if you're going to make it! I'm talking: scheduling systems, marketing, how to land podcasts interviews, leading workshops, social media. Not only will we be adding "Certified Enneagram Coach" to your resume, we're also adding "Certified Business Badass".

"EU is probably the most influential training I've done since graduate school. It's that good. I would pay twice as much money now to have taken EU because it's been so helpful." -Karen, MA, LPC, NCC

And because we're suckers for a good deal... we made you a bundle!

Just for you! Snag all three Levels of EU, save nearly $1000, and get immediate access to the entire program!

Included in Each Course...

Whether you're diving into the Enneagram Wisdom (Level 1), Coaching Skills (Level 2), Business Building Skills (Level 3) or snagging the bundle, you can count on these goodies every step of the way!

  • Engaging, on-demand trainings you can work through at your own pace

  • An 170+ page interactive workbook + go-to resource as you learn

  • Practical, applicable strategies to help you apply the information for real-life clients

  • Ongoing support, trainings, and business coaching

  • Exclusive Facebook group to ask questions, grow, + network with other EU coaches

  • Resource guide including top leaders in Enneagram, coaching, + business industries

What EU Students are Sayin'

EU Coaches are currently working with...

corporate + non-profit teams, professionals experiencing burnout, relationships + couples, the LGBTQ+ community, sobriety groups, college students, women of faith, HR + professional development teams, healthcare industry, business coaches, trans communities, the trucking industry, small businesses, and many others, too

Meet Your Professors

"I have spoken with many, many, many Enneagram Coaches, and none of their certifications compare to what I got with EU. No other program has Level 3 (Business Building). They charge more than EU, and they give you less." -Sarah, MA


  • Is this program right for me?

    If you're looking for a breeze-course to fly through and add letters to your name, this isn't for you. We exist to create the most competent and confident Enneagram coaches on the market. That takes time, challenge, and a commitment to going all in, to learn & to grow in excellence, skillfulness, and coaching ethics. Our students include: therapists + PhDs, social workers, educators, small business owners, business/health coaches, spiritual directors/leaders, and people who are brand new to the coaching or business industries but love people and the Enneagram tool.

  • There are 3 levels... how do I know which is best for me?

    Level 1 and 2 are required for anyone to become certified. Level 3 is for those who either plan to build their own coaching practice OR already own their business, but feel like there are some cracks in the foundation. FOR OTHER PROFESSIONALS: If you're able to submit documentation showing you're trained throughly in helping/coaching skills, you can become certified without taking Level 2. Documentation includes: previous coaching certifications, licensure, MA in counseling degrees from an accredited university, etc.

  • Let's talk financial investment... Are there payment plans? Financial assistance?

    Yes, and yes. We seek to be a highly inclusive and accessible program for anyone who desires to help others heal + grow using the Enneagram. In terms of payment plans, each Level allows for full-payment or a 3 or 6-month payment plan. The Bundle of all 3 Levels allows for full-payment, or a 6 or 12-month payment plan. And don't worry... you'll still get access to the full course immediately. Check out the "All Courses Page" to see each course - the payment options are at the bottom of each page. In 2022, we also launched a scholarship program in an effort to widen accessibility and to help diversify the Enneagram industry to be representative of human beings as a whole. There are limited scholarships each year, and priority is given to those who hold marginalized identities (POC, LGBTQ+, differently abled, religious minority, body shape/size, immigrant, etc.) or those who are graduate students. Note: not holding a marginalized identity or being a student will not prohibit you from receiving a scholarship. Please email team@theenneagramuniversity.com for the scholarship application. ***Also, it's not uncommon that we hear from technically certified coaches from other programs who are struggling to find or keep clients. You deserve to feel competent and confident in the work you do AND get paid to live out your passion and dream. That's why we offer 15% off the entire EU program for those who are technically certified but are knowingly ill-equipped. Email us at the email address above if that's you.

  • How exactly does certification work?

    After completing Levels 1 and 2, each student will submit an Application for Certification, sit through a (non-scary, we promise) interview with Kristi. We'll make sure you feel competent and confident enough to hit the (metaphorical) streets, and Kristi will answer any questions you have. If you're ready to launch, a Certificate of Certification will be delivered to you, along with an "EU certified" badge/logo to add to your website, business cards, and other marketing material. A coaches congratulations kit will find its way to your front door soon after :)

  • Can I work at my own pace? How long will it take?

    Absolutely! As you complete material + quizzes, additional lessons will unlock. In Level 2, there is a group component, and you'll be required to attend 6 out of 8 sessions. (Most students attend all 8 because it's that valuable.) As far as time commitment, Level 1 is roughly 15 hours. Level 2 is roughly 10, plus the 8-week group experience. Level 3 is about 8 hours. This does not include the time you spend fulfilling the "Funwork" at the end of each lesson. That time is completely up to you. While we highly recommend it, and remind students that what you put into your program is what you'll get out of it, no one will be checking on your completion or your implementation. Some coaches who have their head-down and full-focus available complete the program in a month. Others move through slowly over a year. It's totally up to you.

  • Is there a community for EU or am I on my own for this?

    We've found that community and access to support to be a massive differentiator between students + coaches who thrive and those who struggle and sometimes close up shop altogether. Therefore, community is a massive pillar of the EU certification program. There are three ways we offer connection: 1. Monthly calls on Zoom that new students and long-term certified coaches join. They're a blend of teaching + coaching/business tips, as well as a place to brainstorm together, collab with others doing the same work, and a safe place to ask questions about the Enneagram, coaching/clients, or business. 2. We have a private Facebook community you can access 24/7 for resources, questions, celebration, and accountability. 3. EU has additional professors whose full-time gig is to support you both personally and professionally during your program and after your graduation. This 1-1 support is a bonus add-on you can purchase at any point in the program. (Options 1 + 2 are included in your initial investment and cost nothing additional.) Professors include Chichi Agorom, MA, and author of The Enneagram for Black Liberation, and Ally Ines, business + mindset master helping coaches uplevel every corner of their work.

  • Is EU an accredited training program?

    Great question - let me, Kristi, answer this one directly. EU is not an accredited program, and we made that as an intentional decision. A lot of accreditations like IEA and ICF require extensive training by me and my other instructors that, with respect, I find unnecessary. Under an accreditation like IEA, every instructor would be required to do their program of several hundred hours and the courses/coaching I offer would need to be approved. As a business owner, I want the freedom to hire who I find to be qualified and offer the services my students and clients seek. Additionally, and maybe more importantly, I've never had a single client ever ask me who I was accredited by, nor have any of my close colleagues in the industry. I'm sure you know - with the online space, we build our clientele through our empathy and authority, and clients hire us who view us as competent. So to be real honest, I don't feel an accreditation adds value for how it limits me as a business owner and limits the instructors and courses I offer for EU.

  • What makes this program different than all the other certification programs?

    We are the only program on the market that offers these three essential components: Enneagram Wisdom, Coaching Skills, Business Building Skills. Additionally, with my background and Masters Degree in mental health therapy, I am especially equipped to train coaches in how to help their clients make serious transformation. Additionally, many other programs require extensive in-personal training and can add up into a massive financial investment. This program is built to be virtual, convenient, and affordable while still prioritizing high standards of excellence, so you're more than qualified by the time you graduate.

  • What if I get in, think it's total garbage, and want my money back?

    We're thankful this has never happened :) but just in case, every student will have a 7-day window after purchase for a full refund if they're unhappy. Just shoot us an email at team@theenneagramuniversity.com if you have a problem.

Have other questions?

Let's be real... choosing a certification program is a big deal! It's an investment of time, energy, and money, and I want you to be 1000% sure EU is right for you before you invest. Let's hop on Zoom, so you can get a feel for who I am (hi!) while also getting all of your questions answered and hesitations heard. We'll do all of that in this super informal chat, and I promise to be straight up with you if EU isn't the right program for you. So click that button and book a time that works for you. If you need another time, no worries. Shoot us an email at team@theenneagramuniversity with some time options, and we'll make it happen.